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Your white shirt billows like a cloud as I tear it from your taut shoulders– your body a map, black-grey lines coursing over its surface, script in foreign tongues, crashing waves on a restless sea, a traveler on a tiny vessel– and you, dark marauder, kohl-lined eyes flashing in the candlelight, searching for something lost– solitary scrivener, the chronicle of your passage stored in … Read More Marauder


Dash yourself upon the rocks tear your skin and bleed as you scrabble ever upward to my hands lifted in supplication. I reach for the skies my fingers stretch towards the clouds their vapor sinking landing on your outstretched limbs your shoulders heaving with the effort to come to my call. Beads of saltwater mingle with your sweat heave yourself across the edge fall … Read More Siren

New Poems

I wrote “Entrapment” today; “The Game” in October 2014; and “Dionysus” in August 2014. Entrapment Your face sits crooked in the mirror as I look askance ghost image in the absence of reflections the quietness of your voice reverberating through pockets of memory a thousand attempts to change direction to lose your smile in twists and turns but every path leads back to its origin and … Read More New Poems

Of Stories, Paths, Passions, and Fires

Yesterday when I was teaching “The Story of the Eldest Princess” by A.S. Byatt, my favorite female writer, I glanced down at the page and randomly chose a quote: “You are a born storyteller,” said the old lady. “You had the sense to see you were caught in a story, and the sense to see that you could change it to another one.” My … Read More Of Stories, Paths, Passions, and Fires

Clytemnestra and the Snakes (an original fairy tale)

From the time she was a small child, Clytemnestra harbored an intense fear of snakes. It all stemmed from a day she had been playing in the garden of the courtyard of her parents’ magnificent palace. She kept to herself for the most part, preferring instead to sit among the flowers and call them names, bestowing each pansy with its own history, inventing grand … Read More Clytemnestra and the Snakes (an original fairy tale)

All the Pieces Matter

At 7:18 am, I wake up, bleary-eyed, remnants of a cold lingering in my sinuses, listening to the rain and noticing how grey it is through the space between my worn fabric shades and the window frame. I haven’t seen this time in, well, a long time. I’m up so uncharacteristically early that the cats come in only after I sit up in bed … Read More All the Pieces Matter

Hair as Signifier

I run my fingers through the hair at the nape of my neck and I still can’t believe I had the courage to do it. My hair is the shortest it has ever been in my adult life. This may not seem like a big deal to other people, but to me, it’s huge. I have always identified with my hair far more than … Read More Hair as Signifier

Of Trigger Warnings and Why We Need Them

I’ve come to the end of the worst work week I’ve had in many, many years and had a day or so to reflect on what transpired and how it affected me and what I’ve learned. As happens so frequently, I have found salvation in something I have read. If my confusion and angst and fear and distress were all locked in a room deep … Read More Of Trigger Warnings and Why We Need Them

One Woman to Rule them All

I’ve been thinking fondly of my friends in the super-duper private facebook group to which I belong that was originally organized around friends who loved nail polish. I am pretty sure that many of the friends were connected for various other reasons–I knew some members prior from old school message boards organized around cross stitch, and I think others knew one another even in … Read More One Woman to Rule them All

Not Enough Goals

Today provided the perfect illustration of why I gravitate towards goal-setting. It all comes down to contrasts. I can have such highs and such lows all in the space of a few hours some days. I wasn’t looking forward to work entirely since I was going to be seeing a difficult class for the first time since I had a talk with them about … Read More Not Enough Goals