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The Meaning of Icarus

Witches, healers, and wise women (and men) just know. I’ve always respected and even revered the “knowing” of certain people in my life. When someone I know says they were “told”, or that they “know” of a truth, especially if that truth should walk the line of what some may call fantasy vs. reality, I listen, I hear, and I believe. When I have … Read More The Meaning of Icarus

New Poems

I wrote “Entrapment” today; “The Game” in October 2014; and “Dionysus” in August 2014. Entrapment Your face sits crooked in the mirror as I look askance ghost image in the absence of reflections the quietness of your voice reverberating through pockets of memory a thousand attempts to change direction to lose your smile in twists and turns but every path leads back to its origin and … Read More New Poems