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Lucid Dream No. 1

A second cup of coffee at 3:28pm: the morning hazy with vague unease, I light a candle, read a book, till the first cup of coffee fails to stifle my restlessness and I drift off to sleep again. I conjure you in a vision athough as usual I mix your face, your body, your scent with others. I half-wake and see my tattoo and … Read More Lucid Dream No. 1


Sometimes the torch you carry is so blinding That you forget there is a sun But without the sun there would be no fire No passion no ambition no drive To become one And you have to learn To touch that torch to water, The steam rising around you But instead of obscuring It brings clarity And when the fog clears The only shining … Read More Torches


Your white shirt billows like a cloud as I tear it from your taut shoulders– your body a map, black-grey lines coursing over its surface, script in foreign tongues, crashing waves on a restless sea, a traveler on a tiny vessel– and you, dark marauder, kohl-lined eyes flashing in the candlelight, searching for something lost– solitary scrivener, the chronicle of your passage stored in … Read More Marauder


Dash yourself upon the rocks tear your skin and bleed as you scrabble ever upward to my hands lifted in supplication. I reach for the skies my fingers stretch towards the clouds their vapor sinking landing on your outstretched limbs your shoulders heaving with the effort to come to my call. Beads of saltwater mingle with your sweat heave yourself across the edge fall … Read More Siren

New Poems

I wrote “Entrapment” today; “The Game” in October 2014; and “Dionysus” in August 2014. Entrapment Your face sits crooked in the mirror as I look askance ghost image in the absence of reflections the quietness of your voice reverberating through pockets of memory a thousand attempts to change direction to lose your smile in twists and turns but every path leads back to its origin and … Read More New Poems