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The Woman Who Loved Fiber

In a time that stood for all times, there was a woman who loved fiber and wanted to share that love with others. She wondered how she could accomplish this feat, and she hoped and dreamed and prayed for an answer, and then it came to her: she would create a shop, and with that shop, she would build a community of fiber-lovers. And … Read More The Woman Who Loved Fiber

How a Nameless Child Got Her Name

In a time that stood for all times, a small child lay among the brackish water and tall reeds and rushes. As the water lapped over her tiny feet, she lay, half-asleep, dreaming of better days, willing herself into quiet for just a few more moments, for she knew what realization would come to her on waking: she had been abandoned. This small child, … Read More How a Nameless Child Got Her Name

Blue Plastic Pitchers

Sofia pulled into the parking lot, parked, and pulled out her phone to post a status update: “My mood can’t be any worse so I may as well go to Walmart.” But then she decided it would only serve to make friends worried, so she told herself to put her phone away and just get out of the car and go in. She felt … Read More Blue Plastic Pitchers